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2021 DIAMONDBACK METRIC 1 700C - @Middletown Cycling

Riding the line between a lightweight, nimble road bike for speed and a mountain bike for sturdy, stable handling in a more upright position, the Metric 1 makes a great city bike or commuter bike.

Whether you are looking for a fun ride down the local greenway or through the city on your way to work, the Metric 1 is your perfect companion. The 700c wheels and custom alloy frame keep the ride quick and efficient while flat handlebars give you that mountain bike stability.

Get to know more about this awesome bike with Ross from Middletown Cycling.

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Contact us: (502) 384-0770
Address: 11519 Shelbyville Road, Louisville KY 40243

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OLEG ILYASOV : This is a brilliant example how reviews must be done on YouTube. Great reviews, very short presize and correctly taken video. Just enjoy watching you guys!
Edward Sullivan : Bikes Direct sells this exact bike online. They are in stock right now (7/1/21).
Ryan Bronson : These bikes look solid and look nice for 600 dollars.
Brian Truck ✌️ : Strong bike's

No More Flat Tires! Tannus Airless Tires 1 Month Review & Test Ride

I've been riding Tannus airless tires on my road bike now for over a month and this is my follow-up review. I also answer many of the follow-up questions I've received with these solid tires, including:
- what is the rolling resistance like?
- what is the psi?
- what is the weight?
- what is the cost?

Here is part 1 with the tannus tire install and my first impressions

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Up until now, these have been my regular commuting tires of choice, but that may be changing...

#1 Schwalbe Marathon
US - https://amzn.to/359zwmh
Japan - https://amzn.to/2MPRqo8

#2 Continental Gatorskins
US - https://amzn.to/2P7QpW2
Japan - https://amzn.to/2MQLQBT

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Izam Firdaus : oh man, im really digging the whole color scheme, i bet your spider-sense vastly improved while riding
yuki : I lived in Japan for 12 years and only after I moved back to the states, I got into cycling. It’s been fun watching your videos to see what it would be like to ride in Japan. Also beautiful bike my friend!
Steven Leslie : Just bought some for the back wheel of my e-mtb, due to never ending flat tires. When I started my first ride with them it felt much smoother while going over rocks. I actually thought the tire was underinflated, but when I stopped to check it I found it to be fine. The rest of my ride was great and the tire behaved just as advertised. I also had a degree of confidence that I was not going to have a flat in the middle of my ride. I've only had one ride so far, but it was a very positive experience!
Henjo29 : It would be interesting to see how these tires wear over time in comparison to others. It's nice not having to worry about punctures. The last time I had a flat, I ended up walking about 6K. It was due to a default in the tube.
Nepzd : Funny how this type of tyre makes cycling also go full circle, coz the earliest wheels and tyres in bikes were solid rubber. Dunlop, the guy who made pneumatic tires, wanted his child to not bounce around when biking, hence made the earliest version of air tyres.

Hybrid Vs Road Bike: 5 Key Differences You Need To Know | Cycling Weekly

If you're looking to buy a new bike it can be difficult to work which to go for. Hybrid Vs Road bike is a question we get asked a lot, and these are the five key differences you need to know.

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emancipy : Everything was clear and then he mentions gravel bike.
rbro3001 : My advice: Don't obsess. If you're a beginner and your not sure which way to go, start with the hybrid. You can usually pick up an entry level hybrid new for a few (or several) hundred dollars less than a road bike. Aluminum bikes are very light and strong and have great pedal to wheel power transfer. Forget about carbon fiber, it's not necessary at all and it's expensive. Disk brakes are nice but not necessary. Don't obsess about bells and whistles. (actually, a bike bell is not a bad idea). Make sure the bike fits you well so you can enjoy riding it. And then ride the heck out of it (a reputable bike shop will let you test drive). Learn by experiencing your bike and chilling with other bike riders. Find a bike shop that makes you feel at home and offers friendly and insightful advice. A shop that tries to ram a 1200+ dollar bike down your throat is probably desperate for a sale. Stick with the better name brand bikes, avoid walmart bikes and you can't go wrong.
James Firth : Hybrid bikes are value for money and do most things well.
David Callan : I think the key thing that is left out is "personal geometry", fitness and flexibility. Some people can't physically ride a drop bar bike without pain.
olzt100 : I have a hybrid and had it for four years. Its meant for light off-road riding and perfect for commuting and exercising. If one is is commuter only I see no purpose in buying a road or mountain bike. A road bike is for speed. A comparable road bike is often a couple hundred dollars more because it was made for speed and the lighter weight is more expensive. A mountain bike is good for rugged trails. But if one is not riding a lot of trails then they will not get the best use of the bike for the money. But a hybrid can take trails that are not extreme. But one should change the tires for mountain biking because commuting and road tires will not have great performance on trails.


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