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EHR vs. EMR Software Systems

To find the best EHR software for your work, visit: http://technologyadvice.com/medical/smart-advisor/?utm_source=youtube.com\u0026utm_medium=description\u0026utm_content=ehr-vs-emr-software-systems\u0026utm_term=buyer\u0026utm_campaign=explainer If you’re involved in medicine in America, you’ve likely heard the terms electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) used interchangeably. When pondering EHR vs. EMR, you may have thought to yourself, “what’s the difference anyway?” Today, we’re going to dive deep into that very question and see if we can’t drum up a good answer for you.

The business technology marketplace is diverse, and most buyers struggle to determine which options are best for them. At TechnologyAdvice, we don’t think this should be such a challenge. That’s why our team is dedicated to creating quality connections between buyers and sellers of business technology. We help buyers make well-informed purchase decisions through comprehensive product listings, industry analysis and user-generated reviews. In addition to serving buyers, we work with vendors to grow their customer base through our unique demand generation programs. These programs improve product awareness by placing matched solutions in front of their ideal customers.

Subscribe to our channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TechnologyAdvice1

Y2K: http://www.brainlesstales.com/images/2012/Oct/omg-y2k.jpg
Handwriting: http://i.imgur.com/wnN9Z.jpg
Handwriting 2: https://noustuff.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/aton1568l.jpg
Handwriting 3: http://s645.photobucket.com/user/happyhospitalist/media/HH%20original%20ecards/Physicianhandwritingecardhumor_zps771de26f.jpg.html
WW2: http://financesonline.com/uploads/2014/08/ww2.png
VA: http://honda.house.gov/sites/honda.house.gov/files/wysiwyg_uploaded/US-DeptOfVeteransAffairsLogo.png

Aui Ehr (Heilig Heilig) - Live [Extended] | Nino Luca Küenzi | Eden Music

“Aui Ehr (Heilig Heilig)” live aufgenommen in der Westhalle Thun | Eden Music


Verse 1
Chönig Jesus
höch erhobe über auem
starch u mächtig
nüt cha gäge di bestah
di verehren i

Verse 2
Dür dys Opfer
hesch du üs di Friede bracht
dini Wunde
dert am Chrüz uf Golgatha
bringe Heilig für mi

Chorus 1
Aui Ehr däm wo isch gsi und wo wiederchunnt
Jesus Fridefürst
Aui Engle sie verehre di und singe
heilig, heilig bisch du
mir singe heilig, heilig bisch du

Verse 3
Dini Schönheit
lüchtet i die dunkli Nacht
du bisch d Hoffnig,
wo wiene nöjie Tag erwacht
und geng häuer wird

Verse 4
Das wo tod isch,
isch nid hoffnigslos für di
trochni Wüesti
wird dür di zum Paradies
du machsch aues nöi

Nimm du aues ii, wie im Himmu so o hie
söusch erhobe si, du allei bisch ds Zentrum hie
mir erwarte di, drum la dys Riich la cho

Michael Hauser, Nino Luca Küenzi, Maria Fiechter

Marc Steiner (E-Git, Vocals), Fabian Schmid (E-Git), Danael Buchser (Percussion), Gabriel Bonomi (Drums), Michael Hauser (Keys, Synth), Lea Bucher (Vocals), Maria Fiechter (Vocals), Cornelia Guida (Vocals), Lars Küenzi (Bass), Nino Küenzi (A-Git, Vocals)

Pre-Production: Marc Steiner (MixArt)
Mix: Lukas Baumann (MixArt)
Master: Dan Sutter
Video Schnitt: Lukas Eggenschwiler
Live-Mix: Timon Gutmann (MixArt)

Bleib auf dem Laufenden:
Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/edenmusiclabel
Website | https://edenmusic.ch/

EHR State of Mind | A Rap Parody About Electronic Medical Records

EHR's suck. Let's make 'em better. Go to http://LetDoctorsBeDoctors.com and tell the IT and government folks what's up. And check out http://zdoggmd.com for lyrics, behind-the-scenes dopeness, and all our other videos. Please SHARE...or the machines win.


The legendary Devin Moore of Rabbit! produced and engineered the track and sang the most amazing Alicia KeysBoard rendition that was still street legal in the state of Nevada.

Tom Hinueber and Logan Stewart of Variables of Light absolutely KILLED it on the video production, as per routine (see also Bad Skin and Readmission). Check them out here: http://variablesoflight.com

Lyrics and rap by Jay-ZDogg, with an assist from FB fans Sarah Ann Henderson, Elizabeth Murray, and Cristy Miles with many others providing inspiration.

The real medical peeps appearing in the video:

Attendings: Dr. Dave Hart, Dr. Michael Blackstone, Dr. Christine Estrada, Dr. Hide Shigemitsu

Residents: David Cotter, Keith Ebilane, Casey Muir, Iris Nagamine, Dulip Ratnasoma, Phil Ribeiro, Usama Siddiqui, Thomas Tsai

Pharmacy: Russell Kirkham PharmD, a recent graduate of Roseman University in Vegas.

Photo credits (submitted by fans on FB): Amanda Curtsinger, Monica Tran, Holly Leider, Amy Goodman-Rivas, Jessica Bechtel, Stacey Gallamore-Horstman, Stacy Robinson, Christine Estrada, Athenahealth

Special Thanks to Dr. Bob Wachter for sharing with me the EHR chapter from his new book, The Digital Doctor.

Watch it in 4K to experience the full glory of the ICD-10 computer apocalypse SMACKDOWN!




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