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Salvatore Ganacci - Horse (Official Music Video)

Salvatore Ganacci - Boycycle EP also out now via OWSLA
Stream \u0026 Download:

Salvatore Ganacci - Horse (Official Music Video) out now via OWSLA

Directed by Vedran Rupic, Produced by Business Club Royale

Stream \u0026 Download:

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Director: Vedran Rupic
Producer: Christian Kuosmanen \u0026 Sia Masoodian
Creative producer: Gustav Sundström
DOP: Lionel Cabrera

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Acting bossy. Also at QueenUniek. Friesian Horses

Rising Star JK⭐ keeps moving away from his mother, QueenUniek. He becomes independent. He also tries to control me. I do not want that. It's still funny now, when he grows up it won't be anymore.
We see Minze Teije with his 2 friends.

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Uniek fan Goëngamieden Kroon Sport (Ulbert 390 x Brandus 345, Dam: Thekla van de Zonschate Ster Sport) (May 9, 2006) And Colt Rising Star JK (Sire: Cachet L (Jazz x Ferro) Dam: Ziffora Elite sport (Polansky x elite pref prest sport V. Nocturn x Pion) KWPN dressage horse. (Uniek's own foal was stillborn, we miss you Star⭐) Both born: May 25, 2021
Reintje fan 'e Goëngamieden Ster AA (Tjalbert 460 x Sibald 380, Dam: Freke M. Ster Sport Pref) (March 15, 2013) and filly Reina fan 'e Goëngamieden (Nane 492 x Tjalbert 460) (April 23, 2021)
Richtsje fan Oostenburg Ster (Beart 411 x Doaitsen 420, Dam: Brechtsje fan Oostenburg Ster) (April 19, 2013) and colt Rinse Janko fan 'e Goëngamieden (Teun 505 x Beart 411) (April 16, 2021)
Sjirkje fan 'e Reuzepôle Ster (Bikkel 470 x Teunis 332, Dam: Siska van Ravensbos Ster Pref) (May 14, 2013) and filly Sanne fan 'e Goëngamieden (Teun 505 x Bikkel 470) (February 26, 2021)
MinzeTeije fan 'e Goëngamieden (Tiede 501 x Tjalbert 460, Dam: Reintje fan 'e Goëngamieden Ster AA) (May 5, 2020)

Made this video: June 14, 2021

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Horse SOO Cute! Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment #21

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