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Review: Panasonic HC-X920 camcorder

Our review and test of the Panasonic HC X920 1080/50p AVCHD camcorder.

If you buy the x920 in our Amazon shop, it helps us keep the reviews going: http://amzn.to/1pScg5R

And the battery I use is from Hahnel: http://amzn.to/1HYG6LR

We crafted a lovely written review about the x920 too, which you can view at http://tubeshooter.co.uk/2013/08/23/review-panasonic-x920-camcorder/

Published by www.tubeshooter.co.uk
Twitter: @tubeshootermag
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BadgerBotherer1 : Have you ever sent a Panasonic camcorder for repair in the UK? Their only authorised service centre seems to be DKAVS Ltd., which seems to get very mixed reviews. Wondering if I should sent my damaged Panasonic there, or trying somewhere else?
Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen : Does it have steady shot
TR6Telos : On picture adjust I set sharpness at +3 , colour +1, exposure at -2 . I feel the camera default 0 for exposure is so you see more things in the shadow making it brighter, but it does not help in overall picture quality, it washes it out. Select MANUAL mode to do this. And for smooth picture quality I use 100th of a second, high shutter causes a more robotic jumpy less fluid result Try it , it works for me.
Zagi DU : Hello, Can you help me. I have Panasonic camera HC-X920 and today camera stop recording with message "CANNOT RECORD, THE NUMBER OF SCENES HAS EXCEEDED THE MAXIMUM LIMIT.  Is it promblem with camera or SD card. Thanks for your answer. Best regards.
spijkerpoes : got here by accident... ..immediately recognised the voice! gaha!
nerd Mike : I thought it was a better sensor with F1.5. But into a normal room with only artificial light if I go manual it apply 9/12db of gain at maximum aperture! Really? I get better result with my dslr at F3.5. Also is not manual, if I set the iris and go to change the shutter it change automatically the iris I setup. Why?
Adrian Gagiulescu : Nu am vazut, si nici nu am auzit daca aceasta camera este intradevar si 3d, binenteles cu acel dispozitiv atasat in fata obiectivului, si daca ecranul LCD este 3d fara ochelari atunci cand se filmeaza 3d. Va rog sa ma lamuriti daca aveti asa ceva
David Halliburton : Great review! I own this camera, which I love, but I hate one aspect of it: when operating in manual exposure mode, and I need to brighten or darken the scene (for example, a cloud covers the sun in the middle of a shot), the exposure jumps from one level to the next, instead of gradually changing, as any lens with a physical aperture would do.

The only work-around I've found is to operate in auto-iris mode, which is not a good idea for most shooting situations. Do you have any idea why this happens & any suggestions? (BTW, I use this for professional video shoots like corporate training videos, so to have the exposure jump in a jagged, stair-step fashion is not acceptable).
Vasilis Caravitis : My problem, so far, is that the user's manual seems quite poor and occasionally providing wrong or ambiguous information. Is there a decent third party manual, by any chance, that I could purchase?
jack 03 : Will a MacBook Air 11inch handle it?

Someone reply please

Why I'm returning the Panasonic X920 HC-x920 920

Sooo ... after a full day of trying out the new camera - it's going back.

In a nutshell - here is why:

1) Low Light setting gives me background jitter. Low Light is supposed to be a huge feature of this camera, and it doesn't work that good.

2) iPhone as an all-time remote control is cumbersome.

3) When you flip the display - the controls don't appear.

4) When you flip the display back - it hits the HDMI cable

5) Lumix acct to use UStream? Doesn't make sense ...

6) 60P brought my PC to a crawl ... making me realize i don't need 60P. 30fps if more than adequate.

Hope this helped you all out.
Looks like I'll be chillin' w my Canon for a little while longer.

Thanks for all of the comments \u0026 feedback! Please note, description above may contains affiliate links to companies like Amazon.com, Sweetwater.com, ThomannMusic.com, Reverb.com, etc. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission with no added cost to you. Thank you for your trust \u0026 support!
Drone stuff : Trying to decide between the 770 and the x920, I have both from Amazon and am trying to make a choice. They are 29.5 and 29.8 mm wide, however the x920 is noticeably wider, so I don't believe their marketing specs. Currently have the TM90 which has been a great camcorder with a 1/4" sensor. Comments appreciated.
Sebastian ASMR : what model Canon is that?
Ove Andersson : You are absolutely right! The Panasonic HC-X920 has to many design flaws to to have the top rates it got from some "experts". Also the Panasonic "Image App" is totally brain dead. It is clumsy, slow and don't even let you download videos to a PC!
And why the chosen frame and bit rates? If you want to record in plain mp4, it only has a bit rate of 28 Mbit/s. It is far to high to even display on a high end Samsung tablet.
Buy another camcorder. This one is not good designed.
acharknews.com الشرق للأخبار : i buy panasonic hc-x920 670 euro, i receive it in morocco
its verry good im happy very good quality !!!!
verry powerfull ! 
but i have a good sd card and verry good pc ! (32 go ram memory + i7  ...)
Max : Agree with you on the screen-control-thing and the HDMI and the MIC inputs are in the way of the screen if you want to close it for a while, but on the other hands when it comes to 60p you need fasted computer... Pleaseeeeee people don’t believe that crap about 3 sensor are better than one, that's just Panasonic gimmick marketing sales crap... A larger sensor is better than 3 crappy sensor... if you want a good camera with a larger sensor and better low light performance, make sure they are above 1” sensor and BSI like the Sony CX900
Cesarin Pillin : Hello, isn't the lack of screen firmware related?
do you think they could fix this in the future?
Greg Hedger : Canon lost me as a customer for life 15 years ago when I had to wait on hold for 50 minutes for a tech support call they made me pay for.  I never did get to the tech support for my multifunction device (printer/scanner/fax) yet did get charged.  I resolved never to buy a Canon product again for as long as I lived and stand by that resolution.  Your mileage may vary...
Begin Transformation : Don't expect much from amature hour equipment 
Enjoy the mess : Thank you for your review! I liked it a lot! What kind of Canon do you have, and what kind of canon do you recommend?
TheZacman2 : Must have a crap computer to not be able to edit 60p footage.

PANASONIC HC-X920 - Testing, Day and Night - MARGATE BEACH

Testing of the Panasonic HC-X920. Daylight,Low Light at Night, Manual Focus Ring and Optical Image Stabilizer. If you would like to see how the camera deals with millions of outdoor coloured lights then please check out my upload for the BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS on this channel.

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Zion Roman : Like it
Ural Kropal : Душевное видео, ракурсы и моменты крутые, камера супер! Я себе такую же взял
Brian Davis : Brilliant
Tommy Valentine : What an awesome Video..The relaxing music, The scenery everything was so relaxing I almost fell asleep..Oh yeah the reason I watched this video I almost forgot...The camera yeah the camera takes stunning quality footage, nice camera, awesome Video.
airscrew1 : Thanks for this, these cams are dirt cheap now. Might get one.
Kenneth Furley : Just love the relaxing qoulity and expert panning,just makes me feel that I’m their, Many Thanks !
azzamur : Nice video and beautiful the panasonic xc x920
سالم لعقل باعوضة : كم سعرها الان في الاسواق
Вадим Григорич : 5+++++




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