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안녕하세요 여러분. 오늘은 어떤 하루를 보내셨나요?

저는 새해를 맞아 경상도로 2박 3일간 여행을 갔어요. 여행 1일차에 너무나 이국적이고 마법같은 풍경을 지닌 청송 주왕산 얼음골에 다녀왔습니다! 겨울왕국의 엘사가 떠오르기도 하고 신과함께의 한빈지옥이 떠오르기도 하는 1월 초 그곳은 어떤 풍경일까요? 같이 여행해봅시다.

아이폰 12프로로 담아낸 영상입니다.

-Jan, 2021

-Iphone 12 pro 4k 60fps hdr dolby vision camera
-Ozmo mobile2 gimbal


Hi everyone. What made you smile today?
I went to the Cheongsong Juwangsan Mountain Ice Valley. Let's walk together.

In Naeryong-ri, Juwangsan-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, there is a Jadatgol, which is very sparse due to its deep valley and dense forest. There is a place that has been dug up like a puddle at the entrance of the yard valley, and when the temperature in the summer is more than 32 degrees Celsius, the rocks are ice and when it is less than 32 degrees Celsius, the ice melts.

What's interesting is that as the temperature rises, the ice freezes thickly. This is a mysterious combination of nature that is difficult to scientifically identify. There are different views on this phenomenon, and there is a theory that the structure of volcanic rock created by lava erupting is not elaborate and has holes, creating a cold wind as air flows out of the rubble. Another argument is that the cold air formed in winter stays around the valley until summer due to the low heat radiation and the excellent insulation effect, and when groundwater under the rock evaporates, the ice freezes.

Even if you wear thick clothes like the ones in the Seokbingo, you don't know how hot it is. If you put your hands in the water flowing down the mossy rock, it's as cold as ice. The coolness of the summer and the scenery of the rocks are excellent, and the number of visitors is increasing every year due to the mineral spring and artificial waterfall ice walls nearby. It is used as an ice wall training ground for ice wall lovers and professional mountaineers, and a national ice wall competition is held every year. It is located in Hang-ri, Juwangsan-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
Juwangsan Mountain Ice Valley (Dusan White House)

Due to the unusual weather phenomenon of warm winds blowing in winter and cold winds blowing in summer, the place where the seasons go backwards is called Ice Valley (vampire blood, ice blood). Korea's ice goal is distributed in 20 regions including Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, and Uiseong, Gyeongsangbuk-do.Cheongsong Ice Valley appears where the rocks of Eunghoeam are piled up under the cliff. Like this, the terrain where rocks are piled up at the bottom of the cliff or on all sides of the mountain is called the "echoji (ragged area). The air entering the gaps of large and small rocks, which are relatively thick, is affected by low temperatures and humid underground conditions and descends along the cracks.

At the bottom of the echu topography, cold, moist air escapes outwards and meets warm, dry air, when the moisture in the air evaporates, the temperature decreases and forms an ice skeleton. Also, the slope of the ice valley is facing north, so the lack of sunlight plays an important role in the formation of the ice valley. On the other hand, Cheongsong Ice Valley has a famous mineral spring, which is good for water and good for health, and Tanggunbong Artificial Waterfall is a popular summer vacation spot.
Cheongsong Ice Valley (Cheongsong National Geopark) (Korea Tourism Organization)

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