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"Diplomatic Relations" -- a Star Trek fan production

Captain Gabriel and the Deimos have been assigned to assist in negotiating a peace treaty with the Corsairean forces, but some of her senior officers have concerns about the arrangements.

Starring Victoria Avalon as Captain Gabriel, Jim Brucke as Commander Klawitter, Lee Drew as Security Chief Drogo, Timothy Carr as Comm Officer Faron, Dana Elise as Engineer McPherson, Robin Rushing as Science Officer Robinson, Cheryl Sahawneh as Navigator Neevi Ell, Lebarron Sharpe as Tactical Officer Williams, Monique Dozier Sharpe as Helm Officer Griffin, and Tuck Stevens as Duty Officer Harper. Guest Starring Kodai Yamaguchi as Corsairean Captain Devlee, Charlie Barber as Ambassador Loth, and Rhett Barnett as the Corsairean Lieutenant. Featuring Dale Clark, Terrell Manasco, Brian Pond, Austin Redmayne, Ichabod Temperance, and Jason R. Randolph as the Corsaireans.

Written and directed by Lee Drew. Edited by Randall Landers. Space-based VFX by Ross Trowbridge. Compositing by Randall Landers. Music by Chris Kroznuski. Assistant Producer Lee Drew. Associate Producer \u0026 Webmaster Michael Day. Co-Producer Tuck Stevens. Producer David A. MacKenzie. Co-Executive Producer Rick Foxx. Executive Producer Randall Landers.

a Potemkin Pictures release
D10 - Starship Deimos Creative Group

[Seturan] [Geometry Dash] Deimos by Endlevel&More 100%

Haha, I finally have beaten a piece of shit!

This level is a disaster, because of this being a remake of unnerfed Phobos. I literally couldn't understand why I was playing this disgusting one.

The balancing is not good as well; it is way too much concentrated at the beginning and the end of the level. I could get consistent at the beginning after spending tons of attempts, but the end of the level had no way to get consistent at. Especially, Hexhammer is the villain of the piece who takes a massive part of this awful experience. I died here fucking 20+ times. So, the other parts were aright? Nah, they were all the same scumbags giving a terrible experience on this.

I thought I'd beat this fairly quickly when I was making quick progress with spending a little number of attempts. I only spend 4k attempts when I got into TrueOmega's part, but somehow I spend 10k+ attempts to get this finished. How come? I literally cannot understand how this could happen. 3 fails at the last dual could be the main reason, but I can't understand how the outcome can be like this.

About its difficulty, I don't have a good idea as the demonlist is broken. I'm sure that this is easier than Ragnarok but not sure compared to Bloodlust.

하하 이 썩을 맵을 드디어 깨는군요 정말 라그나로크 이후로 하다가 지쳐서 쓰러질뻔한 맵은 오랜만인거 같습니다는 개뿔 이딴거 싸지를 시간도 없으니 바로 본론부터 들어가도록 할게요 일단 맵의 근본이 포보스라 그런지 맵이 존나게 거지같습니다 개같아요 아무래도 원판 포보스에다 약간 버프 추가해서 만들어놓은거라 그런지는 몰라도 그냥 하는 내내 내가 이걸 왜 하고 있지? 라는 생각밖에 안들었던 맵이었습니다

난이도 밸런스도 그닥 좋지는 않았던거 같아요 이게 약간 좀 초반이랑 후반에 다몰려있어요 난이도가 초반은 그래도 많이 가보니까 어템만 꼴아박으면 순탄하게 지나갈 수 있었는데 이 후반은 아무리해도 답이없더라고요 특히 Hexhammer 이 개같은 새끼가 씨발 아주 그냥 제 발목을 오지게 잡고 안놓아주더라고요 저기서만 20번 넘게 뒤진거같습니다 진짜 한번 만날 기회가 있으면 대가리부터 후려치고싶네요 저 새낀 다른놈들도 다 똑같아요 맵 만든 놈들 전부다 머리 한대씩 때려주고싶네요 개같은놈들

처음엔 솔직히말해서 어템 적게 술술 잘 지나가서 되게 금방 깰 줄 알았거든요? 근데 이게 가면 갈수록 본색을 드러내는거에요ㅋㅋㅋ 아니 세상에 진짜 제가 처음 트루오메가 파트 들어갔을때 어템이 4천 초반대였던걸로 기억하는데 93 세번먹고 깨고나니 어템이 10000이상으로 늘어나있더라구요 진짜 이게 무슨일인지 감이 안잡히네요 솔직히 막 듀얼에서 3번 죽은게 좀 컸던거 같긴 해요 진짜

난이도는 잘 모르겠네요 솔직히 말해서 지금 데몬리스트 순위 상태가 다 말이 아닌거 같아서ㅋㅋ 근데 아무래도 라그나로크보단 쉬운거같습니다, 그건 확실한거 같아요 근데 다른건 잘 모르겠네요 솔직히 말해서 그냥 지금 순위가 적당한거 같습니다 블러보단... 모르겠네요

Raw Video :

Level Info
In-game Difficulty : Extreme Demon
Level name : Deimos
Creator : Endlevel, Cypher, sqrl, Straw, Splash, Kugelblitz, BoldStep, Zenith, Eggnog, TrueOm3ga, Hexhammer, Metalface221, Blaireswip, Jihn
Verifier : Npesta
Attempts : 10796
Worst fail : 93x3 (lol)

Time use for beat : I didn't count
Hardest part : 0~27
Fun rate : 1/100
Demonlist ranking : 14
Personal Placement : 14

Thumbnail by @VoTcHi
Song : SolKrieg - {Phobos}
Link : https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/436814

Menu Loop : Celeste Original Soundtrack - 02 - First Steps
Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8OHS...




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